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fruit bar in Hawali


قريبا افتتاح الفرع الثاني من fruit bar في برج الصفاة مقابل مجمع المهلب.يذكر ان الفرع الاول ل fruit bar يقع في السوق بمجمع الافنيوز

ويقدم المحل عصائر الفواكة الطازجة بدون الوان صناعية او اضافات عليها من الموز والمانجو والتفاح والفراولة والبرتقال والكيوي والليمون وغيرها المزيد. كما يتيح المحل لعشاق العصائر الطازجة ابتكار ما يفضلونه من عصير

وبالاضافة الى العصائر الطازجة يقدم المحل الشاي والسموثيز والشايكس(فواكة مع الحليب او الزبادي) كما يقدم المحل ايسكريم الفواكة الطازجة المحلاة بالصبار الاروجانيك الخالى من الملونات والمواد الحافظة والخالي من السكر الابيض.

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Elmo makes music

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Shaastrotsav 2014

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Alfredo's Gallery restaurant

من روما الى الكويت .......قريبا افتتاح المطعم الايطالي  alfredo's gallery في التوسعة الجديدة بمجمع الافنيوز

ويقدم المطعم تشكيلة متنوعة من الاطباق الايطالية الشهرية بالإضافة الى قائمة متنوعة من المقبلات الايطالية و السلطات واطباق التحلية المميزة كما يقدم المطعم مجموعة من الاطباق العالمية التي تعد تحت ايدي امهر الطهاة

alfredo's gallery – التوسعة الجديدة في مجمع الافنيوز – بجانب محل فيراري

الموقع الالكتروني:

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kuwait extremes event


ترقبوا مهرجان الطيران الشراعي الاول في دولة الكويت بالتعاون مع شركة فينيكس العالمية بتاريخ24 ابريل2014 ولغاية 5 مايو 2014 شارع الخليج العربي

للحجز والاستفسار:94004335-2262176






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The 3rd Arabian Social Media Forum


The 3rd Arabian Social Media Forum


Many government agencies & business are implementing Web 2.0 and Social Media Strategies. However, simply having a Facebook page, Twitter account, or YouTube channel is not enough; organizations need to be strategic in developing & integrating communications using social media.

The 3rd Arabian Social Media Forum is an inspirational two- day, tactic- rich event that covers all key issues forgetting the most out of social media networks. The goal is to identify and improve social media and communication strategies, accelerate information flow and drive business performance in enterprise and government.

This event features keynotes, case studies, workshops and discussions that provided strategic knowledge, insights and real world examples on how to successfully plan, implement and manage your social media plans to achieve your organization's objectives.

Third Arabian Social Media Forum is a highly strategic and technical forum that aims to bring together leading social media experts to discuss newest technologies, practices and developments in the field. If you are responsible for your organization's branding, marketing, strategy development, monitoring, customer relations, community engagement, public relations, media sales, business development, legal, this event is designed with you in mind.



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Alice in Wonderland

1st May (Thursday) at 7PM
2nd May (Friday) at 7PM
3rd May (Saturday) at 6PM
Location: The English School (TES) in Salmiya

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تم اصدار العدد العاشر والأخير من مجلة زواحف الكويت 

قم بتحميلها من خلال الموقع الالكتروني


لمتابعة آخر أخبار الزواحف يمكنكم الآن متابعتنا على حساباتنا في تويتر والانستغرام


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Mövenpick Hotel & Resort


Mövenpick Hotel & Resort Al Bida’a Kuwait supports the Earth Hour 2014

The Mövenpick Hotel & Resort Al Bida’a Kuwait showed its commitment and support for a green, sustainable future by switching off its lights for an hour at 8:30pm on the 29th of March to support WWF (World Wild fund for Nature) Earth Hour 2014. The internationally awarded hotel celebrated its commitment towards the environment with a special line up of events for Earth Hour.

Kuwait, March 29th, 2014. During the event, the hotel turned off most of the lighting in the operation areas and dimmed the lights in the public areas, restaurants and outside the hotel building. Guests were also invited to participate by minimizing electric usage to as low as possible and using the bed sheet re-use cards to reduce laundry.

In addition, the hotel’s main restaurant hosted an atmospheric candle-lit dinner with a sustainable menu created using locally sourced products to celebrate the occasion.

‘We are excited to join millions of people around the world in turning off lights to pledge our support for the planet and help reduce our impact on the environment “said Maged Gubr, the hotel’s General Manager.

‘We were one of the first business organizations in Kuwait that supported the Earth Hour movement. Since 2009, the last Saturday of March is when the hotel hosts a series of events that aims to draw the attention of guests and employees to the climate challenges facing the planet.’ Added Maged.

Mövenpick Hotel & Resort Al Bida’a Kuwait has also implemented a long-term environmental system to reduce the water and energy consumption. Basic measures, such as the installation of water-saving devices, and energy efficient lighting, are part of the hotel’s best practices.

Mövenpick‘s commitment goes beyond environmental and employer sustainability, it encompasses a positive contribution to the community that is mutually beneficial and sustainable. The Mövenpick Al Bida’a initiated nationwide recycling competitions in cooperation with the Public Administration for Private Education, Environment Public Authority, and schools throughout Kuwait. These competitions aim at sensitizing the younger generation to sustainability issues, and inspire children to care for the environment in their daily life at home and at school.

“It is our goal to create a better environment for today – and for future generations to come,” concluded Maged.

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